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Sports Illustrated Brings Latest Issue Live with A/R & V/R

Sports News: Latest SI cover story features an inspirational Everest climb that comes to life thanks to A/R. The first A/R Sports Illustrated issue lets readers to scan images and magazine pages with their mobile devices to activate multimedia content. So for amputee Jeff Glasbrenner on the cover as he climbs there is matching 360-degree video. Along […]

Man Sheds 50 lbs. Playing V/R Game

Soundboxing is a V/R music video kickboxing game where you “punch to the music.” But for Job Stauffer who works in the video game business, it’s more than a game. For the industry he loves helped solve his 300 lb. weight dilemma. He tried fitness-themed games by PlayStation Move, Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii, but none […]

HISTORIC NEWS: Last of Manhattan’s Gilded Age Mansions For Sale

The last of Manhattan’s Gilded Age mansions, yours for $50MM. The 6-story Beaux Arts townhouse once owned by railroad baron Cornelius Vanderbilt’s granddaughter is a 20,000 sq.-ft landmark at 854 Fifth Avenue, built in 1905. Property boasts a 112-year old working stove, an interior virtually unchanged from the Mark Twain era, ceiling frescoes, gilded touches, […]

John Legend’s New V/R Tune, Teams With “Madagascar” Director

“VR helps increase the connection we have with each other as it can put you in someone else’s shoes.” — Oscar™ and Grammy™ winner John Legend Pushing the envelope to make V/R a total entertainment medium, startup Baobab Studios debuts animated V/R series “Rainbow Crow,” based on Native American folklore about self-acceptance. Bringing the immersive […]

Wow! Watch This Dinosaur Come To Life With V/R!

How did dinosaurs evolve into modern-day birds? Univ. of South Florida’s Center for Visualization & Applied Spatial Technologies and Integrative Biology departments bring dinosaurs to life in V/R. Professors are using this immersive tech to create interactive holographic images of dinosaurs to help scientists better understand the origins of flight and how prehistoric fossils are […]

New Snapchat Patent Builds A/R into Cool Spectacles

In its just announced patent Snap Inc. reveals the future of A/R gadgets from the company isn’t only glasses. It might include visors, watches and other network-enabled items. Not to mention an augmented reality helmet! Production schedule TBD but you can expert Snap’s 27-year old founder @evanspiegel to deliver on this advanced technology soon. With […]

Welcome to “Guided Meditation VR”

This V/R experience makes meditation simple and way visible. Learn ancient practices in a cutting-edge way to bring peace, joy and calm into your life. Turn your home into lush, exotic and relaxing escapes, environments and meditation spots. With 50+ guided Zen, movement and relaxation sessions. So exchange worry for virtual vacation and return calmer […]

Hollywood Looks for Ways in to V/R

This Venture Beat news reports how rapid interest is building in V/R and the growing number of parties coming to the virtual “dancehall.” A/R, virtual and mixed-reality content, platforms & audiences are building with intensity and focus “bigger and more forceful than ever.” Hollywood has taken note and L.A. is reportedly at the vortex of […]

Watch This RoundHill VR Move! Bullet-Time At @NABShow

RoundHill VR is a bio-immersive content leader that brings people closer to what they want to see. These are the go-to guys for V/R, 360-degree and fully integrated in-app videos and content for GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, iOS, Google Play and more. With full-service ideation, scripts, capture, production, post-production, VFX and app creation by […]

Enabling The Evolution of Media & Human Communication

8i creates human holograms that look real and feel as if they were in the same room. This proprietary technology transforms video from an array of cameras into photo-realistic 3D holograms of humans that can be viewed from any angle, on any device for virtual, augmented or mixed reality.  See it at Article: Meet […]